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    Kiran is an expert Traditional and Classical Ayurvedic Physician who belongs to a familyof ayurvedic doctors and Sanskrit scholars. As a result of his lineage, his got interested in Ayurveda at a young age and has benefitted immensely from the knowledge he inherited from his forefathers.After completing his ayurvedic medicaleducation, B.A.M.S and M.D in Karnataka, he continued to build on his traditional background and learn the secrets of Ayurveda from the traditional vaidyas. In his practice, he brings a fresh blend of modern ayurvedic concepts to the age old practices that he has inherited. Kiran has also gained exposure to modern allopathic traditions and is able to guide the patients with best possible treatment options.

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    Sowjanya has completed her ayurvedic medical education from Karnataka. She has also worked and trained under allopatic doctors and is able to leverage the best of modern techniques and use it in her Ayurvedic practice. Exposure to modern medicine and diagnostic techniques has helped her in exploring new frontiers. Sowjanya, specializes in women’s diseases and conditions.

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    Chandrasekhara Rao is an astro-medical consultant. He has completed his MA in Astrology from Telugu University and has immense knowledge of ayurvedic medicine. He has specialized in the rare field of Medical Astrology where astrological concepts are used to identify and treat diseases. Hailing from a family rich in ayurvedic and Sanskrit scholarly tradition, he has inherited the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and astrology as has been practiced in ancient India.

    Along with Dr Kiran and DrSowjanya, they make an unparalleled team that brings to your service modern and ancients concepts for the well being of the patients.

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